Natasha Banaka, is the inspirer of Retro junkee’s muliple levels as well the designer of its’ garments.

Living in Athens,  started her career in Business Administration and through the years  took over Marketing & Sales Director positions. Despite the career accomplishments, something was not feeling right for her!

The last decade for Greece was full of economic and political turbulence, intensifying her introspection.  Questions like ‘who I am’, ‘what I believe in’,’ what I choose’, ‘what I really what to engage in’, were constantly on her mind.

While on a small island near Athens, Spetses  after a yoga session on the beach, she designed her first outfit on a fruit paper bag.

A dress for Her, by Her!

The ‘Retro Junkee’ concept had just been born!!

The idea of ​​creating a holistic clothing collection with unique designs, emerged from her love for the way the ancient Greeks dressed.

With austere and simple lines, the ancient Greek aesthetic and style of our ancestors fascinated her from a young age, so she decided to infuse them to the modern world.  Comfortable, breathable clothes, made by natural fabrics of organic cotton grown in Greece.

That’s how she came up with the name Retro ,love for the old and Junkee ,a groupie of ancient Greek aesthetics.

The logo of 3 dots symbolizes her version of buttonhole in a garment but it is also the abbreviation of the 3 bullet points of my philosophy:

Freedom of spirit and movements.

Respect for ourselves, others and nature.

Detoxification of body, soul and of course our closets.

So, Retro junkee’s motto is Detox your closet!!! Detox your soul!!!

Natasha is also a Mindullness meditation, Sound healing, Reiki & Yoga teacher.


Retro Junkee’s mission is  to reach women who embrace our philosophy.

Women who respect the environment, live in and choose to contribute, by any means ,to the collective effort for a cleaner, healthier and brighter environment.

Women who wish to work, move and create, dressed up in elegant clothes, made by natural materials, that offer comfort and absolute freedom of movement, every hour of the day.

Women who admire Greek aesthetics, and respect nature.


Retro junkee’s pieces are handmade in Greece, produced in small workshops by native employees, hand dyeing with natural, earth friendly colours.

Materials used are strictly natural, organic cotton and viscose offering comfort & style. Dresses, jumpsuits, kimonos, kaftans, pants, headbands etc. All remainings are reused in order to contribute to the zero waste & environmental footprint approach of the company.

Organic cotton uses only non-genetically modified seeds and is grown without using toxic synthetic, chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Organic production reduces human, animal and evironmental impact.

For more information:
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