Inspired by Greek spirit and our day life, “Retro junkee” curates elements & colours embodied by its’ signature.  Its’ logo combines the classic element of the sewing button holes with alternative motto “Mi vida loca”, 3 dots prisoner’s tattoo symbol.

The brand was born in Greece @2017 on the backdrop of a fierce economic crisis. Its basic line includes classic style garments as well as the new line, brings more alternative air and balances classic with alternative minimal style.


Anastasia Banaka, the designer behind the label is a native Greek woman who loves comfy alternative style  as well, to reduce, reuse, recycle.  After many years in fashion companies and magazines, leading the Marketing & advertising departments and designing her own coffee bar on a busy Greek island in the Saronic Gulf,  she gave all her energy and passion to create “Retro Junkee”.


Retro junkee’s pieces are handmade in Greece, produced in small workshops by native employees, hand dyeing with natural, earth friendly colours.

Materials used are strictly natural, organic cotton and viscose offering comfort & style. Dresses, jumpsuits, kimonos, kaftans, pants, headbands etc. All remainings are reused in order to contribute to the zero waste & environmental footprint approach of the company.

Organic cotton uses only non-genetically modified seeds and is grown without using toxic synthetic, chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Organic production reduces human, animal and evironmental impact.

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Lab/Showroom: George Blessa 90, Papagos 15669 Tel. +6944553217
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