Returning to normalcy, you realize that it is not as we left it. Previous habits and choices seem to have been erased, leaving room for new recordings. An exciting new era is here and brings with it, one more genuine and austere way of life.

After leaving space for each other, now we need to unite all ,without discrimination, to communicate without prejudice and to show solidarity, to travel and be justified without borders, distances, prohibitions. We need to re-connect!

Creating the future. The next day of everyday life. With our timeless color palette we lead customers  to the smooth transition from home, to the outside world.

With a modern fit that embraces the body without restrictions, it combines mood with a more dynamic mobility.

Our clothes are for everyone, all day, every day, from work to travel, to lazy Sunday mornings in bed.  They are practical, comfortable  combining  the design with the quality while its unique sense of touch, organic fabrics, make us to want to relearn first how we touch and then how we feel.

The design process keeps a minimal aesthetic having its motto ‘Less is more”  combining  in its colour palette, black grey, dark purple and a green/blue.

Every item in this apparel line is made with 100% organic cotton & handmade earth-friendly dyes, in Greece. All clothes are made with respect to nature.

Items are designed, sewn and handcrafted in a sustainable state of mind, in Greece by Rj’s  team.  Waste fabric & materials are reused to help for better environmental conditions

Retro Junkee hosts its products in selected shops all around Greece,Cyprus, Europe  and Lebanon as well.

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