A closet detox can be a wonderful way to really look at the contents of your wardrobe in a mindful way and decide what you want to keep, toss or repurpose. It’s perfect to shift your wardrobe from winter to spring or any other change of season. Check what your really need and buy a better quality garment.

It may be a cliche, but the mantra “buy less and buy better” is key when you consider that a staggering 100bn garments are being produced globally every year. Before making a purchase, sustainability consultancy Eco-Age’s chief brand officer Harriet Vocking advises that you ask yourself three all-important questions: “What are you buying and why? What do you really need? Will you wear it at least 30 times?”

Buying better can also mean supporting designers who are promoting sustainable practices. Narrowing your search for specific items can also help, whether that’s seeking out brands producing activewear more sustainably.

Retro junkee’s clothes belong to this category. Our clothes are for everyone, all day, every day, from work to travel, to lazy Sunday mornings in bed.  They are practical, comfortable combining  the design with the quality while its unique sense of touch, organic fabrics, make us to want to relearn first how we touch and then how we feel.

The design process keeps a minimal aesthetic having its motto ‘Less is more”  combining  in its colour palette, black grey, dark purple and a green/blue.

Every item in this apparel line is made with 100% organic cotton & handmade earth-friendly dyes, in Greece. All clothes are made with respect to nature.

Items are designed, sewn and handcrafted in a sustainable state of mind, in Greece by Rj’s  team.  Waste fabric & materials are reused to help for better environmental conditions

Retro Junkee hosts its products in selected shops all around Greece,Cyprus, Europe and Lebanon as well.


Our love and support to alternative therapies urged us to create a unique range of waxes, our sustainable coconut candles. Practicing Chakra (energy) cleansing is a practice that dates back Centuries. Your body has 7 main chakras and Retro junkee has 7 different colour and scent candles, each one to open a different energy center. All candles are handmade in Greece.



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